Outside running

hill run

Yesterday, Megan and I went for a run outside. We live up on the side of a mountain so that made the run pretty hilly. These hills turned out to be harder than I thought they would… I was just running along side Megan for about a mile and then we started our decent down the mountain a ways.. the whole time I am think o boy, I really hope that I can make it back up this.. so we got to our half way point and turned around heading back up this mountain hill. Lets just say that I was sucking wind and she was just trotting along like nothing was happening haha. She was able to push me to keep running, mostly due to the fact that she kept a pretty steady pace up this hill. I am very happy to say that I was able to run the entire thing ( it really was only like a half mile of steep up hill) but hey gotta start somewhere. We kept about a 10 min pace throughout the entire run so in the end I was panting for air haha but it was a good run for my first outside since I picked up running again.



Author: We Run This Life

A blog about a couple training for half marathons and life. www.werunthislife.wordpress.com

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