My training plan (Megan)

For my first post I thought about talk about my training for my half marathon coming up soon. I’m currently on week 4 of 12 and training has been pretty smooth so far. This is my first half, but I have been running for a while so I don’t consider myself to be a “beginner” but not quiet intermediate either. So I am following the Novice 2 program by Hal Higdon, but I’ve made a few adjustments to fit my schedule better.

A typical week so far looks like this:

Mon: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (90 min)

Tue: 30 min run EASY

WED: 4-5 mile run easy or at race pace (sub 9 min/mile) + 75 min yoga

Th: 30 min run easy

Fri: cross train, yoga, or rest

Sat: long run (I did 7 today!)

Sun: rest

My BIG goal is to run it under 2 hours but I’m not sure if I’m completely in over my head on that one. My B goal is to run under 2:10 and C goal is to just FINISH. On my long run today I was able to keep a steady 9:20-ish pace without it being super hard, which is pretty good for me right now. 


Running Tip of the day! Wearing these sweet purple running pants make you feel like a faster more awesome runner. Just sayin’ 🙂


Happy Running!




Author: We Run This Life

A blog about a couple training for half marathons and life.

One thought on “My training plan (Megan)”

  1. Thanks for liking some of my posts. Great job out there for you and Jordan! I’m really curious as your thoughts to the long yoga sessions how they help out. Thanks for any info. Happy running you two!


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