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I’m a pharmacy tech and pre-pharmacy student. I hate running, but my wife talks about it so much that I feel like I should just run so she’ll be quiet for a sec. Just kidding. I’m running because I need to add good, healthy, clean, habits into my life. I hope that I can learn to love running as much as my beautiful wife does.

I am currently fighting an addiction in hopes that I am able to change this part of me that I dislike while replacing it with something that brings joy and good health.



I am a wife, yogi, runner, and student. I began running in high school but frequent injuries brought me to practicing yoga. I have now have an equal love for both – running keeps me physically sane, while yoga keeps me emotionally and spiritually sane. 

Since I began running I have had the goal of running a half marathon (and eventually a full marathon) but have never seemed to make it happen. After being all talk for years, My husband encouraged to just sign up and I will officially be running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon on April 16, 2016. I am beyond excited to be training and even more excited that my husband is picking up running too.