My make shift training program (Jordan)

Well to give a little bit of back ground, I am a pre-pharmacy student at UVU and also working full time as a pharmacy technician. So with all that going on I am have to find time to train for my goal of running my first half marathon in Salt Lake City on April 16th. Almost all of the training programs I have seen have some sort of work-out every day. But due to the lack of time that I have and really the lack of desire to go work out after a 13 hour day of school and work, I have made this make shift training schedule for my self.

Monday- 3 mile run

Tuesday- 10000 steps (anyway I can get them)

Wednesday- 3 mile run

Thursday- 10000 steps/ yoga sometimes with Megan

Friday- rest

Saturday- rest

Sunday- long run


I have been doing this the best I can for the past 2 weeks and have seen some promising results.

Today my long run was 5 miles, which gave me some anxiety this morning because I had not run 5 miles for a couple of years. I was able to keep a pretty good pace finishing the 5 miles in 49:47, keeping my pace under a 10 minute mile. This was great confidence builder for me after my last run a couple days ago. I can feel my body getting stronger with each workout I do.

The main thing that I like about my make shift work-out schedule is that I can make gains with out being tired through out the entire week, which I have not been able to do in the past.

So for now I will continue with this schedule in hopes of being ready for my race on April 16th.


Gotta love the runs on Sunday,