The Upgrade!!

So after I graduated from high school I bought some new running shoes… The Nike Freerunner 2’s to be exact. I have had them for 5 years now and have put well over a thousand miles on them in my many attempts to enjoy running. Of course all of these feeble attempts have failed with me running for a few days and then either starting a lazy streak or going back to lifting weights. #getswole haha just kidding I was never one of these ” Provo all stars“. We call the kids that do summer sales and live at the gym provo all stars… just an FYI you will probably get this reference again. Back to my shoes though..

So these nike’s have been every where with me, I have taken them to Finland and to  London and to Frankfurt. I can say that my shoes are well traveled. They are quite dirty and dusty because after the first year of owning them, I lost all hopes of keeping them clean.


Now Last week my wonderful wife convinced me to buy some new running shoes.  Just look at these babies!! Pretty sweet huh?


After being surprised by the $130 price tag, I brought these bad boys home.  Say hellow to my Mizuno waveriders 19.

I have taken them to the pavement twice now, and by the pavement I mean the treadmill. I went for a 4 mile run on Sunday and a 2 mile walk on Monday. I have to say that these shoes support my feet super well. Megan kept telling me that I am not getting enough support from my old Nike shoes which was causing my knee pain, and I never believed her until now. I felt great after my 4 mile run with no knee pain at all so I have to agree with her… (dont tell her that though)

So these will be the shoes that I train with to get ready for my half marathon. Ill keep you updated on how they do.