My training plan (Megan)

For my first post I thought about talk about my training for my half marathon coming up soon. I’m currently on week 4 of 12 and training has been pretty smooth so far. This is my first half, but I have been running for a while so I don’t consider myself to be a “beginner” but not quiet intermediate either. So I am following the Novice 2 program by Hal Higdon, but I’ve made a few adjustments to fit my schedule better.

A typical week so far looks like this:

Mon: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (90 min)

Tue: 30 min run EASY

WED: 4-5 mile run easy or at race pace (sub 9 min/mile) + 75 min yoga

Th: 30 min run easy

Fri: cross train, yoga, or rest

Sat: long run (I did 7 today!)

Sun: rest

My BIG goal is to run it under 2 hours but I’m not sure if I’m completely in over my head on that one. My B goal is to run under 2:10 and C goal is to just FINISH. On my long run today I was able to keep a steady 9:20-ish pace without it being super hard, which is pretty good for me right now. 


Running Tip of the day! Wearing these sweet purple running pants make you feel like a faster more awesome runner. Just sayin’ 🙂


Happy Running!